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My Dad's Funeral

How far will you go for your lover? Is death capable of overruling love? The first and second book to the series 'Lies of Truth' explains how life can be complicated no matter how faithful you have been to your loved ones. Life can be twisted and tragic in a way we could never expect. No matter how much you tried to prove yourself, you could end up being wrong. What binds us and what separates us are the Truths and Lies of this life. How far you go on lying to yourself, how far will you hide the truth? Can the truthness set you free? The character that once you have fallen in love in the series can be a villain or hero. Unlike any other fiction, you get to decide and judge the characters portraited in this realistic fiction. 'My Dad's Funeral' is the epic conclusion of the most awaited saga of the trilogy 'Lies of Truth'! Does death pave for love? How does love can survive death? All the answers you ever sought, all the lies of truth are revealing once and for all!

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