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Argans : The Dream Knights

This book revolves around the life of a twelve-year-old boy Ivan. Orphaned and living an uncomfortable life in White Bridge Children's Home, Ivan craves to escape into a world where he is loved and cared for. One night as he sleeps, he wakes up in a very different world – Dandelion, the Kingdom of Dreams. The kingdom invites young boys and girls to be a part of their army and be an Argan to fight against their venomous rivals, Zagans, the dark Knights. However, Ivan and his friends at Dandelion stumble across an ancient secret, hidden for millenniums.

What is the twisted, mysterious, untouched enigma that awaits them in the Kindom? Do Ivan and his friends reach to the mystical puzzle? Will they end up solving it or is it nothing but the grave danger that awaits them at the end?

Read Argans; The Dream knights to accompany Ivan and his friends in the unforgettable journey in the Kingdom of Dreams and to discover a tale filled with adventures, fantasy, magic, mystery, and above all, the essence of friendship.

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